mimoCall Return Video Locking Up

I am new to the mimoLive platform and testing it out during our two week trial period. We are hoping to be able to use the mimoCall function to have many remote guests on at the same time. In our testing, I had five callers all connecting at once (four truly remote and one on the same network). The incoming feeds all looked and sounded great, but the outgoing return video would freeze up for callers almost instantly (we were able to keep return audio going though). I would try and refresh an individual stream and they would get their video back for a bit, and then drop out again. I know it is not our internet bandwidth as we have a gig up and down. Are there any ports that need to be opened to have this work properly? I’ve been running my tests on a 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 Mac Pro trashcan with 32GB of RAM, but we may be able to move over to an iMac Pro with higher specs. Wasn’t sure what minimal specs we need to achieve this.

On a similar note, two future features I would like to inquire about:

  • control of the video quality being sent out if bandwidth is somehow a factor in this
  • the ability to make the return video the larger box for callers and their video be the small box in the corner

Looking forward to continuing learning this fun and powerful platform!


Hi Danny, Thanks for trying mimoLive and mimoCall and for reaching out. I’m sorry you experience these issues.

For debugging, it would be helpful to get a screenshot from the mimoCall settings:

Also, are you using mimoLive Reporter on the caller end?

Hi Oliver,

Most were calling in from the Chrome browser on their laptops, but I have tested it with the mimoReporter app on my phone. It’s it’s just one caller, it works alright, but once there are multiple callers, it seems to prioritize the newest caller and everyone else’s return gets locked up. If I refresh another one, then theirs will be the one the works.

Here are some screen shots of some of my caller’s settings as we were testing.

Also, any timeline one when we might get that “Partner Hears” feature in the current version??



Running into the same issue as well. I thought it might be due to the fact we’re doing some sessions with 8 calls. All calls are running through Chrome.