mimoCall Return Video/Audio feed

I love the addition to send a different video source to the mimoCallers — great work on this. It would be nice to be able to show the program feed plus one other feed…like the in-app multiview display. The use case here is that if I’m interviewing someone, they can watch the show and be ready for when we cut to their interview, but during the interview when the feed is full screen on themselves talking, they can see the person that they are talking to. With the current beta, I would need to remember to switch the “Client sees” setting for each mimoCaller from the “Program Output” to person that they are talking to. One way that I could accomplish this now is through a window capture of the external multiview window and feeding this source back to viewers but it would be ideal to have more options here and not have to rely on a window capture. Great work here so far!

Is selecting a different return audio feed on the roadmap? Being able to cue guests before they go live would be very nice. At minimum, for the mimoLive operator/director to be able to talk individually to mimoLive guests would be excellent.
Note: Selecting a different video/audio source for the file recording output has been around for a while, however, I do realize that with the latest beta, it is now possible to select a different audio/video source to stream, so I could create an audio mix without me in it, allowing me to speak to the mimoCallers without people watching the stream hearing it.


Hi @Scottw. Thank you for using mimoLive, mimoCall and for reaching out.
Audio mix selection will be available soon. We have already implemented it and are in the testing phase.
It will be released with some other features, thats why we haven’t shipped it with the versions which had video selection.

I will check with the rest of the engineering team to see what, when and if we could complete the feature request.

I will update you in this thread when with the feature request feedback and with the new version feedback.

Thanks for the update! Good to know that it is on the roadmap and I’ll be waiting patiently for it :slight_smile:

Hi @Scottw. Thank you for the feature request. We have taken a look into it and have added it to our roadmap. I can’t give you an estimation, but I can tell you that we are really excited about the feature and other features that it would bring with it.

Hi, I think the option for mimocallers to see the multi view would be a great option too. An example would be when having multiple callers in the session, I could put each caller and the moderator into a box and send that as a return to the remote callers. This way they can interact with each other before going live.

Cool, yes. I don’t know any machine that is able to calculate all of this. What do you think about using zoom?