mimoCall - request and bug

These days I’m using mimoCall on some Android devices to simulate remote cameras with operators. Just on Android, a general optimization of the interface (for example the ability to go fullscreen) and other small bugfixes would be needed. A mimoReporter for Android too would be the best.

Furthermore I noticed that the latest version of mimoReporter on the most recent iPhones doesn’t allow you to choose the rear camera that best suits your needs but automatically chooses the zoom which makes it hardly usable.

I realize that the system is very intuitive and flexible and it is already a great achievement that it can do everything in one, but in my opinion an advanced mode would be very useful.

For example, in contexts like the one I’m experiencing it would be useful to have some controls on the camera, now everything is left to automatism which often causes major problems with exposure or focus. It would be useful to be able to implement basic controls to fix the focus or lock the exposure, in order to make everything more usable even in different contexts.

To give directions to the operators, I created an audio routing system to simulate a talkback from the director, but a special function (from-to/to-from) would be very useful.

Finally it would be very useful to have a basic control over the stream, to choose whether to keep the fps or the resolution constant.
All in all, the platform (call.mimo.live) does a good job because it manages to adapt the resolution and frame rate to the bandwidth but sometimes it would be better, for example, to sacrifice one of the two while keeping the other constant (e.g. framerate fixed and variable resolution or vice versa) to be able to obtain results more suited to the situation.

Hi @totoventi Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been working on a new mimoCall client for a while now and hope to release it soon.

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