mimoCall "Partner Hears" needs to be reselected each session

The new “partner hears” function of mimoCall is awesome, and has really allowed us to control what audio is sent OUT to our main mix/video/YouTube watchers.

But… we’re finding that, upon launch, our session still sends “Program Mix (mix minus)” as the default, until I go in and simply reelect the custom “Partner Hears” mix.

I’ll note that the dropdown shows my desired mix, but it doesn’t send it until I re-click the entry from the dropdown. This happens every time (and only today did I get to the studio early enough to have time to remember “I need to send a bug report” and actually submit one). :slight_smile:

happens here as well!

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@DaveTheNerd @fermento Thanks for reporting. We’ve been able to reproduce it and fix it. We hope to be able to release version 5.9b with the fixes soon.