MimoCall not conn

MimoCall not connected
On a mac I see MimoCall not connected. In another yes,
The problem appears since yesterday.
Rivisar please or does anyone know?

If you installed the mimoLive 5.9 beta, please update to mimoLive 5.9b3-

If I already have it, thank you

Does 5.9b3 work for you or not?

Very well works perfect

Thanks for the info! That’s good to hear.

I had MimoLive version 5.8 and upgraded to 5.9b3 and MimoCall still doesnt work for me with this Beta. I had to roll back to 5.8.

Thanks for taking the time to report. Can you please be more specific what “doesn’t work” means?

Is there no connection or is there a connection but no data?