mimoCall no audio with external mic

Hi! I use the iRig Mic Lav on my iPhone, and want to use my iPhone as my main camera for my show, with my iPhone connected to my MacBook Pro via USB and mimoCall.

I am using a Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar in order to connect the MBP to the iPhone via USB and also the iRib Mic Lav.

When I bring up the mimoCall on mimoLive the image comes through but there is no audio; when I unplug the iRig Mic Lav from the Belkin Rockstar the iPhone’s built-in mic sends audio to mimoLive. When I plug the iRig lav back in the audio goes dead.

The Belkin works perfectly when I’m using any other app on my iPhone (camera/video, Voice Memo, etc) when I have both a USB (for charging) and the iRig Lav plugged into it.

I have also tried plugging a 2-into-1 lightning adaptor, connected the MBP to the iPhone via USB in one port of the adaptor and then plugged Apple earbuds into the other lightning port on the adaptor

Same result: no audio from the iPhone. When I unplug the Apple earbuds the built-in mic kicks in. So, it’s not just the Belkin or iRig.

Is this fixable? I think having the ability to use an external mic on an iPhone would be great instead of the built-in mic.

Thanks so much.


i do think there are several things they can do to enhance that app though.
Like the ability to pick an audio source, so you can connect your airpods and be able to listen as well as talk (if you are joining a call)
the only way I was able to make it work for me is using the lightning headphones with a built in mic because i couldnt designate any of the sources. … There are other things they could do to make that app rock more but thats for a different thread :smiley:

How are you using the lightning headphones on the mimoCall iPhone app? The call app requires the phone to be connected via the lightning-to-USB cable.

sorry just need to clarify… i was talking about using mimo reporter app on the phone to make the mimo call.
I think you are talking about using your phone as an external source (ios video device source)
If thats the case ya you wouldnt be able to add an external mic through the phone…
but you could somehow connect it to your computer as an audio input and use that as your audio source instead of the phone