Mimocall ; NDI ; Tricaster

Hi all (and excuse me for my english)

Here is my setup :
I use Mimolive on a M2 macbook.
I do my video production and streaming on a Tricaster.

All drivers and versions of tricaster, NDI, Mimolive, etc…are up to date.
Mimolive 6.2

When i send trough NDI the program of Mimo to the tricaster there is no problem. Green dot in Mimo and 25 constant FPS. Picture clear.


When i send via NDI to the Tricaster directly a mimocall guest as a video input, As soon as i click “live” Mimo alway put a Red warning : " This output destination has performance issues ; encoder way to slow" and a variable FPS.

Again : no problem with sending the program (video source) via NDI to the tricaster.
Red Errors when sending a Mimocall (video source) individually via NDI.

Any Ideas ?



After some more tests, it have nothing to do with the Tricaster.
Even if the Tricaster is offline, as soon as i put live a NDI output that is not the program as video source (in my exemple a Mimocall as video source) i get this warning.

I don’t understand how Mimo can’t output correctly is own input … :crazy_face:

Hi @xenaton I‘m sorry for the troubles. It looks like the NDI output can’t deal with variable frame rates. We’ll look into this and fix it asap.

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