Mimocall NDI out problem

I’m trying to send mimocall video out from mimolive to another computer running qlab
(i need it to send video of the caller to the audience, and qlab is used to manage videoprojectors for other video we have to send to audience)

if i set an Ndi out layer with program as source it works perfectly, if i change in to mimocall it get performance issue (it seems to switch continuosly between 2 connection…)

what I’m missing?

the mac with mimolive is connected with 2 ethernet adapter:

  • 1 to my router to link by NDI with another mac running qlab and to audio digital mixer (manual ip)
  • 1 to external router connected to internet (using dhcp, i cannot set this router)

Same here, but with a Tricaster as receiver :
Program ok. Mimocalls → Problem.

Do you solve this issue ?

I’m going to assume that there is some reason why a PGM out of a layer full of the mimoCall isn’t suitable for some reason. But with that said…

What if you use two mimoLive documents? Same computer, but two mimoLive documents open at the same time.

One document is just for the mimoCall with a single Placer layer and a single NDI out (for PGM). The document would also need something for the return to mimoCall, so an NDI source would probably be easiest since you are already using it (but Syphon and Blackhole mic sources would also work), with the ‘partner sees’ and ‘partner hears’ settings on the mimoCall source being set to the NDI source.

The other mimoLive document is the ‘main’ document and the primary vision mix. If you want the mimoCall in there you can add it as an NDI source (as the other doc is sending the call as NDI), but in any case it will also have an NDI out (as PGM) to be picked up by both QLab/Tricaster and the other mimoLive document (for the return to the call).