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USE CASE: Routing audio coming from Microsoft Teams to MimoLive participants who are coming in via MimoCall. We do not want the Teams audio routing out over the program feed.

Hello all, we are trying to create a custom mix that goes to the people on two separate Mimo calls. Given the times, we have the production staff connected via MS Teams. We want to pipe the Teams conversation to the people on Mimocall (like an IFB). We have Teams setup as a Loopback into Mimo. That works. We have audio levels. We have Teams as a separate audio source and it’s set to LIVE. We are routing the Teams source to the MimoCall participants as a separate audio mix (one mix for each of the two participants). We also have the TEAM audio source turned down on the program mix. While we see audio levels, the two Mimo callers hear nothing. HOWEVER, when we turn the audio mix up for the TEAM audio in the PROGRAM source, they do hear it. BUT, we do not want the TEAM audio going out over the program source. What are we doing wrong?

Hi @Gscott16, thanks for posting this question.

The way this is currently implemented, turning down the Teams Audio in the Program mix turns it down everywhere as you have experienced. To achieve what you want, you need to create an audio mix minus the Teams audio and use that in the output destinations instead of the Program mix. We’re aware that this isn’t ideal and that we need to improve this.

Thanks for the quick response Oliver. We will give that a shot.