MimoCall logo replacement

I was wondering if their is anyway to replace the grey MimoCall logo in split screen with just black incase a call for some reason drops out in the middle of a show?

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Unfortunately, currently not.

As I got informed, Boinx works on an edition for owners with broadcasting license. Then, the webclient should be open for customisations/brandings. I cannot say, if there will be also a customized placeholder for mimoCalls then.

I’d support a feature request. Especially when the purpose is to show custom contact information instead of a call, while a call is not connected. In other words: this would be great!

Hi @mark2 Thanks for reaching out in the forum. This is a good feature request.

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Awesome! Yes some of my clients are really touchy about logos and I really like mimolive and especially mimocall and want to move off what I’m currently using to run live events.

Hi @mark2 I know that clients always want everything. Customising the mimoCalls is not going to be cheap. It will require a Broadcast license which is priced at $2,000 per year. Do you think the customers will pick up that cost?

I’ve mentioned it before, but I wish that we could substitute the mimo-call logo with a static image of the person being interviewed. Would help greatly with layout and should the call drop, at least the viewers know who should be there. I generally do this already when laying out using a static image and then substitute the mimo-call.

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