MimoCall Latency on YouTube Live

Hi! Pretty new to MimoLive and live streaming in general here. We are trying to connect two people via MimoCall so they can talk to each other while I control the broadcast. At first the call starts out great, but after streaming for a few minutes it begins to have such a terrible delay that they can’t really talk to each other. I know there is going to be some delay always, but it gets really bad. We ran a clap test here:


And really, at the top of the broadcast they were talking and joking with each other with no problems. Is there a setting I can change in Youtube to make this better? Or does this have to do with Mimolive?

If we can’t make these calls work, we’ll have to switch to something else, but I really like the Mimo software. :frowning:

The issue, most likely, has nothing to do with YouTube. If your callers, are both connecting to MimoLive using MimoCall, as you stated. The issue is more likely caused by the latency of the calls themselves, usually caused by the callers, or the hosts, network connectivity.
A temporary solution might to to refresh the call, when one notices the latency. Either the caller refreshing their browser connection to the call, or the host do something similar on their end.
Since YouTube is only a vehicle to stream the content provided to it by MimoLive, latency may be noticed by those who watch the program, but they should only notice the latency which was caused by the call and the handling of it. If, however, the broadcaster, or participants in the program, are relying on the YouTube content for anything other than to verify that something is streaming, then they are doing it wrong. One should not rely on YouTube for sync, or latency info, as the video will most likely not appear in real time for viewing purpose and could be delayed by any number of seconds, from the broadcast source.

Thank you! That answers my question, I think. I’ll have to test it again and maybe come up with a temporary graphic to put up while the MimoCall refreshes.