MimoCall is brilliant!

I just installed MimoLive 2.8b2 and I had to write a quick note to say that MimoCall is a brilliant addition to the system. I was able to test a MimoCall source with no problem (and without reading docs!). You guys are amazing!

@willwinter Thanks! Do you want to test the iPhone client?

Yes, please! That would be fantastic. Do you need my Apple ID?

I’ll send the invite to your email address. You can then redeem the invite with any Apple ID you want.


I want to test MimoCall, I love the idea, but how does the audio routing work? can we get just the guest to output to us, and the guest not hear himself?

@joshsroka The guest won’t hear themselves by default. They should use a headset.

You have to set up the Monitor Audio Mix on your end though to keep yourself from hearing yourself. Use the cogwheel next to the Monitor meter on the right hand site.

I would also like to test the iPhone client, if possible. Thank you.

@alternativeplan Sent you an invite.

Any tip for getting audio to work? the caller can’t hear me and I am not getting any audio from them either?

ok I solved sending my audio, I could not have them in a PIP window, once i took the guest out of that they could hear me, but i am still not getting audio from them. Any advice? However the video looked excellent, loving this feature. Will use it next week to call Santa on our video podcast

The audio is broken in 2.8b2, sorry about that! We will fix it in the next beta coming soon!

The new beta is published and the audio should be fixed. Please report back, if it works for you! Thanks!

I’m trying to use this one today, but it doesn’t show my partner call, and invitation link that’s given to paste on chrome, it’s not work.

see photo>> http://bit.ly/2hqvrE8

@“Apichart Thaworn” Thanks for giving mimoCall a try and sorry for the troubles.

This looks like the browser does not have all the features required to support mimoCall. Could you please let me know what browser and version this is?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” the browser is Google Chrome, Version 49.0.2623.108 (64-bit)

I too would love to test the iPhone client. Thanks

This is INCREDIBLE! We were just wondering how we could do 2 hosts and a guest!

I would also like to test the iOS version

I just tried it using chrome browser on my IPad. Didn’t work, but did tell me Chrome browser was the only one supported. I knew that which is why I downloaded the Chrome app. Anyway, please email me the iPhone client. I’d really like to use this new function for an interview on Thursday morning, instead of the iOS Device capture Thanks!