Mimocall Failing

I have been using Mimocall for months and it has worked great. Now all of a sudden it is horrible and dropping hosts every few minutes. Is there a way for me to see where the problem is? Thanks

@joshsroka Thank you for the feedback.
We are sorry to hear that you had issues with mimoCall.

We are currently testing mimoCall to reproduce and repair stability and quality issues.

Here are some suggestions as of what you could try.
As a mimoCall host :

As a mimoCall participant:

The latest Google Chrome update for macOS was on August 8. Usually, Chrome updates automatically.

If you could provide additional feedback it would be very helpful for us to faster reproduce and repair the issues.

Informations that would help us would be:

  • Your mimoLive version.
  • Your OS version.
  • Your Google Chrome version.
  • When was your last mimoCall without the issues (the last one in the 3 months you mentioned that was working correctly)?
  • When was the first mimoCall with the issues (August 26?)?