mimoCall crashing MimoLive when connecting to caller

Hey folks!

We’re having an issue with mimoCall. When I send the recipient the link, it actually crashes Mimo on my end (we’re testing this internally with our team before going live).

I see this has been an issue in other threads, but I do not see anything from recently. We are running Version 5.11, any thoughts or ideas why this might be happening? Thanks!

Hi @josh1 Thanks for reaching out. We’re investigating a few issues with mimoCall.

Are you on an Intel Mac with Monterey?

Hey @Oliver_Boinx yes we are, Intel w/ Monterey - 12.1 is the OS

There is an issue with Monterey that makes a mimoCall connecting to mimoLive crash mimoLive. We’ve escalated this to Apple. Can you go back to Big Sur?