Mimocall brought Mimolive to its knees

Hi all. I had a very curious event that happened that I cannot explain.
Running Mimolive 5.8

I had 4 panelists calling in with Mimocall. The moment the panelists connected, Mimolive became unresponsive and the computer’s CPU usage ramped up to 380%. Clicking on layer sets or layers took 30s to load on the program. We did not bring the 4 callers up to program. A simple jpeg title slide could not even load.

The multiview showed each caller with smooth framerate.

We’re not sure of what causes this issue as we tested ahead of time on our own. Could the bitrate from the remote callers be too high? Would there be a difference if we change the video codec to VP9 vs H264?

We also got feedback from remote callers that the program back to mimocall over chrome looks washed out and lacked contrast. Is there something we could do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!