Mimo Live started crashing after using for over a year

I’m not sure what happened. We have been using it for over a year to live stream our church service.
This past Sunday I tried to open the software and all I get is the dreaded iMac beachball spinning.
Nothing updated since we have mac updates turned off.

Tried rebooting several times but same result. All other software on the iMac seems to be functioning fine. I hope my hard drive is not starting to fail causing Mimo to get corrupted.

We were running version 5.6 or 5.8 on Mac OS Mojave.

Should I just re-install? Will my licenses disappear if I re-install? Is there any place I can download the older versions?

Hi @AL210 Sorry about the inconvenience. You need to update to mimoLive 5.8.1 if you’re on macOS 10.13 or mimoLive 5.10 if you’re on 10.14 or newer.


Thank you Oliver!

Back up and running again!

Good to hear. Sorry about the troubles.