MIMO LIVE CRASHING & Chromo keying not perfect

myself purchased a commercial license go mimo live and was quite impressed with the workflow but there are two issues giving us certain issues

  1. the green matt chorma keying does respond properly :
    the histogram ( colour choosing pallet ) doesn’t appear making it tough to key and the small menu ( that has dispels feather etc doesn’t seem to respond accordingly) this is a major disadvantage to our work flow

  2. the entire software crashed minimum of four times in an hour and reasons unknown this scares us to use this for our events.

Kindly sort this out or else Kindly return our money so that we can look out for alternative.


@“SAKKATH STUDIO” Thank you for giving mimoLive a chance.

I’m sorry to hear that you experience issues with mimoLive. Of course, we’ll try to fix your issues.

Please let me know which version of mimoLive are you using? What version of macOS?
Can you send us the crash logs?

Regarding chroma keying: Can you send us a screen shot of the setup so we can give you specific advice?

Email: support@boinx.com

Thank you for your assistance and patience.

Hi Oliver,
thanks for the quick reply have sent a detailed mail from sakkathstudio@gmail.com Kindly help us resolve these issues asap