Mimo Failures with NDI

Since version 5.3 there are failures when linking NDI with another device. Audio arrives late, freezes, etc.
This puts us in trouble when we use mimolive to get through NDI to a television trunk using NDI monitor.
See if you can correct that.

+1 same audio late via NDI to second macbook

I do not understand but version 5.2 does not give problems and its audio and video is synchronized in NDI with a second Mac | Please some alternative or way to sync them using version 5.5 or 5.6 beta

Hello @HechosEcuador & @did . Thank you for using mimoLive, for reaching out and for the detailed testing.

We have been doing small bug fixes for NDI and SDK updates.
mimoLive version 5.3. has updated NDI SDK from 3.8. to 4.0.1.

We will check in which domain the error lies.

So I do it with RJ45 cable but it remains the same

Hi all.
We are having issue with the new Mimolive. It starts automatically when the OSx starts up. When we restart the mac, the NDI sources are not working. If we close Mimolive, and re-open, all works fine