Mimo crashed, can't find recording

can someone please tell me where the recovery file is? Crashed right at the end of the presentation I was recording.

PS: Bastian, I’m NOT impressed with this release!


I am sorry that mimoLive has crashed.

By default mimoLive saves the files to ~/Movies . (You can change this location in the options panel of the Record-button). The recorded file should be intact even if mimoLive crashes.

Is there a way I can open a ticket then with the stack dump from console, because the temp file was not saved anywhere. I haven’t had a chance to try & do a deleted files scan, it completely dumped the recording. Crashed when I made a transition - turned a lower third off with a hotkey.

I know stuff goes sideways & crashes do happen from time to time but the part I’d like to address is the file being deleted in the process & also some discussion how I can record a backup copy to prevent this going forward. thanks!

Hi Keith,

I’m sorry that you lost your recording. That is very painful and of course we aim to avoid it at all cost.

mimoLive uses OS X to record directly to the target file. There is no temp file. When mimoLive crashes, the recording up to that point is supposed to be intact. We’ve tested this over and over again. There was a bug in earlier beta versions where mimoLive would not record if it did not have access to the target directory. Now, if this is the case, the record button will stay greyed out and not give you the option to record.

mimoLive also is not supposed to remove any files on its own and does not contain any code to do so.

So, it is likely that the file was not written in the first place due to a reason we have not yet encountered, maybe because the target file system could not be written to (is it on a iSCSI or SAN volume?) or the file format settings did not make sense to OS X. Can you send us the mimoLive document that shows this behavior?

Best regards,


Engineering also asks if you could check with Disk Inventory X (http://www.derlien.com/) if there are any large hidden files. Maybe the target directory is hidden by the Finder.

Ok. I tried with a similar app looking for hidden files but didn’t see anything, but will try again. I was recording to the local drive saving to the ~/Movies folder for the user I was logged in under. Haven’t used or booted the Mac since, I’ll do some digging for the stack dump on the crash.