Mimo call partner to see layer not source?

This may be a feature request, but when I’m setting the “Partner sees” option on mimo call, I can only select the original sources not any of the layers in the project,

I ran an interview video with a host and two guests, I like to make the guest speaking full screen when answering a question, if they watch the output you notice them flinch when the output cuts to them talking on the screen and it’s obviously hard to remain natural when talking to a video of yourself.

I can set the guest to see either the host or the other guest so that this is limited but I want all three participants to see each other throughout to avoid speaking over each other. Is this possible or would this be a feature request.

One solution would be to do a window capture as a source and then have it share the multiview window of the participants but this feels a little over complicated.



This is a great idea… seconded! (for whatever that is worth :stuck_out_tongue: ) Would need some sort of indicator on the layer that it is “sort of” live, even if its not visible on the program output. I would suggest extending this a little bit and add that it be possible to select a layer OR layer SET… I could then create my “green room” that I mentioned on a previous thread.

Also, it would be very nice to be able to more easily switch what the partner sees and the partner hears. It would be nice to have right on “front” of the mimocall (along with the reconnect to partner button!) and as far as I can tell, this is not accessible on the remote control surface and is neither accessible via API. You also cannot switch what they hear or see via a layer set.

Thanks for the feature request.

Here is a way to do this right now:

I create a layout I want to send out to the mimoCallers at the bottom of the layer and cover it with a background layer so it isn’t accidentally showing up on the program feed.

Then, I add a Syphon Sender directly below the background layer so it sends out my three-up layout. You can now add a Syphon source and send that out back to the callers.

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Thanks @Oliver_Boinx, just played with it and that works really well. For anybody coming across this in the future, I used the 2 x2 split screen layer to create a layer with my host and the two guests. I then added an additional Syphon layer at the top of the layer stack and brought that into the split screen layer so the host and guests could see each other as well as the output program to know when we finished playing intro videos, slides etc.

Thanks again, this works really well for my needs, I agree with @Kebbel to be able to automate the Partner sees and hears settings so that you can switch this up midstream (One man band production here) would be great.

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That’s an awesome amendment to my suggestion! Thanks!

Of course, you can have multiple Syphon loops and use a switcher layer to switch what the callers see.

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I’ve been doing this for while now, it works great. It would be great to be able to set or switch the return mimoCall Source through an API call or http request.