Mimo Call n-1 problem

Hi guys,
I searched a lot in other topics for this problema, but dont really found the same issue.
i’m trying to enter the show 2/3 guests using mimocall, in particular i’m testing it with the Mimo Reporter App.
I can hear all the guests but they dont hear anything from audio return, so guest1 can’t hear me and guest 2, and so on.
I followed all the steps for setting up the mimo call and i think everything is ok, but maybe i’m doing something wrong.
Any help please?

I’m on MimoLive 5.5 and Mimoreporter is 2.2
Thanks a lot

Sorry guys, i found this topic right now:

Which is explaining the same issue.
Will follow that topic. Thanks

Hello @tino. Thank you for the feedback, and for using mimoLive & mimoLiveReporter. I apologize for the inconvenience and the wait. We have repaired the mentioned issue. The mimoLiveReporter version 2.3. has been submitted for review (to the AppStore). As soon as the review process finishes, I will update the topic and this thread. Stay tuned!

Hi @tino, the mimoLiveReporter v2.3. is available for download.

@Mladen_Bekavac yes got it! it seems to work fine now! thanks a lot. just a thing i would like to report: i have noticed that it’s better to open link when the app is already opened. it has happened to open the app within the mimo call link and everything work fine expcept that i dont see the phone camera. im not on ios 13.4 right now