MIMO Call mix minus not working

When using MIMO Call remote hears themself delayed. Seems that Mix-minus is not working.

Should be OK. Our did you selected the wrong audio settings in Mimocall?

Sounds like it. I’ll check tomorrow.


I experienced this same issue last week. I haven’t had time to investigate it yet. I thought it was probably a user setting error. Having seen this post I’m not sure if that was the case. Please post the results if you find a solution.

Oh… Hmmm… I’m sitting in front of Beta 4 and have to do several mixed minus mixes by hand. I hope it’ll work. I can also give some feedback afterwards.

My feedback on this:
I do not have any echo in Beta 4.

I have additional audio für mimoCall 1 and mimoCall 2 in my document. So, at the settings for both mimoCalls, I have to configure the settings by myself. BTW, I never had so less delay before. WOW, Boinx! Cool! It’s very close to simultaneously, when using the same network!

By using LTE, in my case, it’s about 200ms delay. WOW!!