Mimo 5.6.2, 5.7 osx total crash

after 3-3,5 hours of work mimo cause a total crash of the system, the only way a press and hold power button and restart tha mac, so we don’t have a crash report
here an idea of the project
13 ndi input
1 audio mixer input
1 audio mixer output
1 ndi output for 11 pc
multiview on external monitor

MBP 16" 64gb ram, 8gb GPU
audio card scarlett
EGPU sonnet with Radeon VII with
Sonnet Ethernet 10 GBase-T

mimo 5.6, 5.6.2, 5.7
osx catalina

thank you so

Sounds like a memory issue: The app is consuming more and more memory over time until the macOS crashes. Usually macOS will have warned you about this and recommend to force quit the app. However you could check with “Activity Monitor” app by Apple what is happening memory wise on your system.

Hi Achim
thank you for your reply
we make some test and this is not a memory problem, activity monitor some minute before the crash report approxly 45Gb of available memory
in test the problem seems to be ndi output, we use 1 ndi output with 12 connections, is it possible?

Not sure about this. Usually the 12 connection to the NDI output destination shouldn’t make a difference because NDI should do a “broadcasting” into the network and all NDI clients should get the same data. But we didn’t test this on a larger scale to be honest. 3 hour work can also mean that the machine got to hot. Usually this don’t cause the macOS to crash but to slow down all processes and this will cause mimoLive to stutter. Is this something you experienced just before the crash?

hi Achim
the temperature was always ok, i think the problem are the ndi input, not the output, is it possible? can you make a stress test on your systems?


Hi @gabril On the MBP 16 inch, we recommend to install the Turbo Boost switcher and turn OFF turbo boost to avoid CPU throttling: http://tbswitcher.rugarciap.com/