Migrate From FM5 to FM6?

Is it possible to migrate a slideshow created on FM5 to FM6?

Thank you.

No “migration” necessary. Just open an FM5 slideshow file in FM6 and it “should” work. I say “should” because I’ve found a few times over the years when I try to open an older slideshow in a newer version (usually a major update) of the app that sometimes the text size gets messed up for some reason, but not always ALL the text in all of the show, just some of the text. Hard to explain why. I just go back in and change it if it needs changing. If I know I’m going to show it to a crowd, I’ll always make sure everything looks right before presenting it in public. I haven’t discovered anything else that turned out to be a problem – transitions work, timing works, etc.

One caveat, of course – you can’t go backwards! Don’t try to open an FM6 show in FM5 – it probably won’t want to open, anyway.

Excellent. Going forward, I will definitely upgrade to FM6. Since I make slideshows infrequently, I envision purchasing a one-month subscription as needed.

Stan, thank you so much helping me sort out issues I’ve had with FM5 & answering my questions. You’ve been a great help.

Not a problem :slight_smile: Glad you got your questions answered to your satisfaction. I’ve been using FotoMagic for a long time, and the guys at Boinx have been really attentive to issues we users have had.