Hi Oliver.
Two main feature suggestions for future releases.

  1. Midi Mapping Mimo live? (Connect a midi Controller via USD to trigger controls) Mixemegency have done it so well and it is really awesome since it reduces your interaction with the laptop once you have programed you controls. see this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0j96ppATvM

@Tohnnyok Have you tried the Remote Control Surfaces? You can use a smartphone, tablet or secoond computer to cotrol mimoLive remotely. More options are on our development roadmap.

Yes I have tried with an Ipad. Works great!! Just many more options with Midi controllers when it comes to rotary knobs etc.

Olá boa tarde.

Eu usei um teclado midi Korg mapeado com o software para MAC, MidiShortCut com resultados bem satisfatórios.
A licença tem um valor baixo e é bem eficiente.

Em tempo, fiz o meu próprio keyboard baseado em Arduino.
Funciona perfeitamente e um custo baixo.
Estou desenvolvendo, outro, com 16 botões
Não necessita o uso de outros softwares de mapeamento.

Looks interesting. Can you elaborate more how it works?

I was wondering if something like the Novation USB Launchpad could be used as a remote.

Yes, that can be done.

Use ControllerMate as qwerty mapper.