mic for Fotomagico

Can anyone recommend a good mic for fotomagico
I have a really good lavaliere mic but my macbook pro won’t pick it up on the line-in socket
(I have a Tascam US-122l usb audio interface but that makes the recording mono as well as crashing fotomagico)

So I have microphones but not sure how to best put the sound in

Would I be better of buying a usb mic or input device- if so which one


I really love my Rode Podcaster for doing voiceovers. But maybe someone else has other recommendations. The podcaster isn’t cheap but gives you great quality and thanks to the USB connection it is really easy to use.

Thanks Bastian I’ll check it out
I’m thinking that perhaps I need something that will cut the ambient / background noise
I was comparing a lavaliere with the mac built in mic and the built in one, while it sounded a bit hollow, did not pick up the hums and general computer noise of the external mic

If I use the Rode Podcaster do I have to be in a really quite room or is it ok out and about?

For the rode to work really good you need to get really close (1-2 inches). That blocks out quite a lot of the surrounding noises as is inly picks up close sound sources. It will of course work better in quiet surroundings. I wouldnt use it in e.g. a classroom or at a station but in a normal room with cars passing by once in a while, it is good in my opinion.

keeping the “gain” turned down helps a ton… you have to get really close to the mic as Bastian said, so watch the “P” sounds giving a strong pop sound in the recording.

I use & like the Blue Yeti USB. really versatile & sells for just under $100 USD on amazon & bhphoto.com. I like the Rode mics too, but this one offered more functionality & better price.

Oh yes, you are right. The Yeti is pretty sweet and it comes with a stand and also looks extremely cool :wink:

Thanks Kmac - Yes cheaper is better!
Actually I’m looking for something simple for my wife who is not very technical.
Ideally she would be able to use it to record interviews (with no computer) But then also to put voiceovers onto fotomagico.

I believe the Zoom H4 recorder could do this and also can connect by USB for voice overs. But I read somewhere that the quality of the preamps is not too good

Be good just to have one mike for everything…