Mevo Plus to RTSP

Is it possible to bring a Memo Plus camera feed into MimoLive via RTSP?

I’m happy to say that’s this is feasible! But it requires computer science skills. You have to setup a RTMP and RTSP server, and make a “bridge” that streams between them. Then mimoLive will be able to pull the RTSP feed from your bridge.

More info: ;

I’m running a setup using rtsp-streaming-server and while VLC can play the stream I cannot for the life of me get mimoLive to open the stream using the IP Camera (rtsp) input.

Here is what I’m doing:
rtsp-streaming-server is configured with 5554 as server and 6554 as client

ffmpeg is streaming to rtsp://
I’m setting the stream url in mimoLive to rtsp:// <- This works in vlc.

The URL icon changes to green on the input but then Reconnecting keeps incrementing. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong here?


Alternatively, you can use the RTMPMiniServer from Garanin to turn the RTMP stream into NDI. This could potentially give you higher frame rates over RTSP.

I was finally able to get mimo to accept an rtsp stream using the gst-rtsp-server but for some reason the audio is always delayed about 500ms - have not been able to fix that at all yet.

The RTMP / NDI conversion looks interesting, however, it seems to dd ~1s of delay to the streams and cost $50/mo or $600 per license which, while not bad, is a bit much for the testing and trials we’re working specifically working on.

I’ve looked back at the forums and seen this asked before but I feel it’s worth asking again, what’s the reasoning for not including an RTMP source in mimo directly? It seems like this would be the easiest and cleanest way to handle these vs bolting other converters on which add complexity, additional delay, and additional problems.


I personnaly use node-rtmp-rtsp-server which have given me the best results with mimoLive so far!