Media - Video Files - Remaining time viewable

If the software or video crashed a video would have to be started at the beginning. It would be great to be able to drag a cursor across a video to select the spot where it would start. I have a video that is an hour long - if it crashed 20 minutes in - it would have to start completely over.

In addition to this, being able to set in and out points would be great.

Thanks for the feature request! This totally makes sense and we’ll certainly add it at some point in the future. Can’t make promises on when, though.

This would be extremely time saving. I run replay of events, and if I could use one recording and set in/outs in for the clips (like in Wirecast), it would be wonderful.

One alternative is to use a VLC-player or similar and get that in as a source. Then you can use VLC to play/pause the videos