media missing

I am a new user for FotoMagico 4.6.2 and just spent all weekend working on a new slideshow with approx 160 photos (from iPhoto) and several audio tracks from iTunes.

Today, I got media missing errors for every single piece of media even though I can see the iPhoto and iTunes assets in the libraries list. Can someone please help? This is very frustrating.


I have no idea what the problem was. However, after finding about 10 individual image folders, it asked me to find one folder that was at the root of where I store my images and then it was able to find all the rest. This was not a happy experience.

I have the same problem and have no luck in finding any of my media files. I get option to “locate media files” and a list of the files needed. FM is trying to find /private/var/… I have no idea where to find these files.

I know this doesn’t solve your issues after the fact, but it’s a suggestion for the future. When creating a presentation, create a NEW folder, and copy ALL of your images AND audio tracks pertaining to that presentation to that particular folder. That way everything stays together as a unit – and you only need to drag that folder into FM for it to find it. So much better than having images and audio scrambled all over your hard drive.