Media file: Access denied

Hello boys and girls,
Since my longtime relationship with ProShow Gold ended the moment my last Windows machine was thrown out of the window I try to build up a new relationship with FotoMagico 4. At the first attempt, after a lot of time to get known some of her qualities, she troubled me with the message: “Cannot add (some) media files”. I added some 20 similar images from the LR4 directory and 3 of them where not accepted. Reloaded the directory and by then 2 where accepted as well. Closed the FM4 file without saving, made new 1:1 Previews and tried again. Oops … some other where refused now. Anybody who can help me out with this?
Thanx, Loek

Maybe its a sandbox problem. Can you please open the “Console” application by Apple and check whether there are some suspicious outputs coming into the log when you try to access the images from LightRoom via FotoMagico? (look out for “sandbox” and “deny”)

Hi Achim. I got the following message: “sandboxd: FotoMagico(417) deny mach-lookup com.intego.mig_hook”
Could it be a problem in connection with the Intego VirusBarrier X6 which is installed on my Mac? By the way Josh (Boinx) also mentioned it could be a sandbox problem and advised to import directly from the directory and that worked flawless.
Reggards, Loek

Yes, the virus scanning software could be a problem: A sandboxed app isn’t allowed to access user data which isn’t approved by the MacOS. If your virus scanning software is doing so (e.g. to look up a list of known viruses) triggered by a image file access from FotoMagico, the MacOS is blaming FotoMagico for the sandbox violation and denies the access.

Is there a solution to this? I am getting access denied for LR collections and directly from the directory itself and looking at console it seems to be a sandbox problem but what is the solution?

Hi- I have the same problem. I am a new user of FM. 1st slideshow seemed to going along great until FM downloaded the 4.4.1. update. Now I cannot add any media file because of access denied warning (my library is iPhoto). So you make vague references to “console” nad “sandbox” which doesn’t solve anything. Sometimes the warning “access denied” pops up and sometimes I get the photo added to the storyboard but thumbnail is blank and has a zoom factor of ∞ (without the ability to adjust slider) FM is now basicxally unusable- any clues? Much appreciated!

iMac, 10.8.4, 4 GB ram

If you iPhoto library or Light Room library can’t be accessed because of a sandbox demon deny you should try to add the enclosing folder containing your libraries to image browser from FotoMagico by drag&drop manually. Restart FotoMagico and see if it works now. This procedure should grant access to FotoMagico by the Mac OS X. As a workaround you can export your images from your photo app to the desktop and import the images from here with drag&drop to the timeline of FotoMagico.