Maximum Mimocall

New user here… have a client wanting to do a livestream with many mimocall participants. Bandwidth should not be a huge issue (1.5 Gbps up and down…gotta love Fiber to the Home!) … will be using an older iMac (late 2014 27 inch, 4 GHz Quad-Core i7, 32 GB ram, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB)…. what is a reasonable limit to put on them… first it was going to be 4 people, then 5, now maybe 7… when am I going to get in trouble, or am I already there?

Hi @Kebbel Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out with your question.

It depends on what else you plan to do on that iMac. I would expect 4 or 5 mimoCalls to work as we have done that with similar Macs. However, you will not be able to do much else (such as stream to multiple destinations while recording in h.264).

Ultimately, you can only set up the document the way you want and test it out.

Thanks!! …. I’ll only be using the virtual camera for zoom and recording the session….I was hoping to record the sources individually but what I’m hearing is that this will limit our ability / increase risk so I’ll recommend to my client that we should not be doing that.

Just an update on this. I was able to successfully have 7 mimoCalls simultaneously … and have a video playing along with background music and the “night sky” layer along with a virtual camera. Didn’t skip a beat until I tried to record more than just the program output, when it gave me a warning. Will just record session using zoom rather than mimoLive. Loving mimoLive!