Matrox Support for mimolive


I am currently using the Matrox MX02 LE with MAX I/O box to connect my SDI-input camera to my computer. I am running version 4.6 of Matrox Utilities. I tested that the input source was working by using the Matrox Capture software that comes with Matrox Utilities. The input was working correctly on there, but as soon as I select the Matrox MX02 as an input device on mimoLive, nothing shows up but a black screen. I would like to know if there is any way of getting mimoLive to recognize the Matrox hardware/software.

Thank you!

this is on Matrox, they restricted their drivers to only work on the apps they have listed in the user guide. Try seeing if you can get something to work with Syphon -

there was some sort of plugin for it somewhere here on the forum for BTV, not sure if that’s still active or available…

I had a Matrox device. They do a good job of making paperweights because of this :-/ Switched over to Blackmagic Design & not looking back.

Syphon is now integrated in mimoLive, no extra download required. You’ll find the Syphon receiver source in the sources repository and the Syphon sender in the Layers repository.

kmac1036 and Oliver,

Thank you for your responses.

Kmac, do you happen to have a tutorial or workaround to use the Matrox feed from Matrox Vetura Capture with Syphon? If not, what did you do in order to work with your Matrox to deliver a feed to BTV?

Oliver, do you happen to have documentation on how to use Syphon? After testing around with it on mimolive, Syphon seems to be responsive. However, with my current issue, I can’t seem to create a Syphon server with my Matrox feed. Is there some way I can create my own Syphon server?

Let me know.