Matching Slides & Music

Say I have 160 photos, and add 5 songs, how would I go about making it so those photos play in those 5 songs… Every time i try matching it, the 5 songs only cover say 130 of those 160 photos… Instead of making all the photos duration like 6 seconds or whatever automatically, it only changes the duration of those 130…

EDIT: Also, it appears that each song is set to so many photos… Is there a way to disable this?

I do it on a per track basis, figuring out what’s needed to be done for each audio track (not selecting ALL of the slides at once and selecting ALL of the tracks at once). If you’re just trying to match photos to songs, that’s relatively easy. But, if you’re trying to match exactly 160 photos to exactly 5 songs, then you’ve got a little more work to do, depending on how you want your show to look. To keep some timing consistency in your show, you “probably” want the slides to display for about the same duration. So, you need to figure out HOW LONG the audio tracks are in seconds, add them up, then divide the total number of slides by the total number of seconds – that will give you a “slides per sec” value. Now (assuming you’ve already imported all your slides and all your audio tracks one after the other), multiply the total number of seconds in the first track by the “slides per sec” value you calculated. That will give you the number of slides you need to select to match the first audio track. So, select that number of slides, select the audio track, then perform the Match Slide Durations to Audio function. Perform the same calculation for the next audio track, select just the number of slides you need, and Match Slide Durations to Audio for the second track. Keep doing that for all five tracks, and it should work. If there’s some “dead space” before and after the audio, be sure to trim that off – because that will affect the outcome of the Match… function.

I’m not sure how everyone else is doing, but so far that has worked for me.