Having updated to the latest version - 5.Ob48 - I am still having the same problem with masks (17 December 2015). I have to adjust the mask size with the Zoom wheel, then stop the wheel and wait for the mask to come to the new size. This requires several trial and re-trials to get the correct mask size. It is annoying fiddling compared with the smooth synchronous real-time movement of a mask in FotoMagico 4 - I am using the same Mac - OS X 10.11.2 - for the same slideshow in both versions 4 and 5.
Is anyone else having this problem and/or can it be fixed ?

Yes, I can CONFIRM this issue.

Ignoring the zoom and rotate tool and just doing it manually by pointing and moving a control point the mask can be adjusted in size and rotation and the change is visible in real-time. Using the control wheels does result in a delay with nothing changing on screen, and THEN the new zoom or rotation is applied.

I am also noticing that on a slide with animation enabled, adjusting the mask on either the start or the finish results in a change of the mask on the opposite finish or start (as the case may be) as well. In other words, the start and finish mask seemed to be “tied together” “geometrically” for some reason. I also notice that adjust the right side of a mask and moving it left, for example, results in the left side of the mask moving to the right on its own. The same goes for up and down as well.

Basically, something about the entire masking feature seems out of whack.

Just uploaded and tried the masking feature with 5.0b50. The scroll wheels now allow for immediate visual feedback. Yeah.

UNFORTUNATELY, there is still something wonky going on when trying to adjust the masks manually using either the top/bottom/left/right control handles on a slide with animation enabled. If I grab the right side of a mask and start sliding it to the left on the “start” slide, the mask on the “finish” slide will start to move to the left as well at some point. The same thing happens on the other three sides. I want all four sides to be independently adjustable for both the start and finish.

I also have just tested the corrected masking features in ver. 5.Ob50
The jogwheels now work with immediate visual feedback - thanks.

However there is still a problem with the manual adjustments as stantastic has pointed out. If I manually move any vertical or horizontal side of a mask, on either the start or finish side of the stage, the other mask, as a whole, gets larger or smaller according to which way I am moving the selected mask side. I find that this manual movement problem occurs whether animation is selected in any of the four positions or is not selected. I too want all four sides of a mask to be independently adjustable with the start and finish stages also independent of each other.
There is no problem with Manual rotation or positioning of the masks which remain independent of each other.

can i make my own masks?

Oooooh – +1 on that idea!!! But currently, NO, you can’t.