Masks should "snap" to edges and centers just like layers do

I can’t get a mask to “snap” to the edge of an image.

What I’m doing is placing and sizing a layer on a slide, then I’d like to create a mask that matches that size exactly. My intent is to leave that mask in place, and then animate the layer within it (zooming and panning). But I can’t get the mask to take on the original layer’s width and height EXACTLY.

You should be able to copy and past the “Geometry” from an image to any mask and vise versa. Does this work for you?

I think in my above post I might have drifted off my original request from the first line – that is, masks should “snap” to image edges just like layers do – emit a “click” sound and display a yellow alignment line. They currently don’t do that. If I drag any edge of the mask to any other edge of any layer on the slide, there is no “snap”. For creating nice aligned geometries on the stage, the “snap” feature is extremely helpful.

As for copying and pasting mask, please see my other request regarding consistency of masks and geometries (sorry about the confusion).

Thats for clarification. I put it on our list!

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