Masks in FM4!!

In a reply from Achim on the FM4 forum, he said they were working on the ability to create “masks” – which makes the app much more creative (and in my opinion would make certain aspects a lot easier to achieve). I suggested the ability to create non-proportional zooming (not usually done with an image itself, other than for creative purposes), but for creating those black or white “bars” that are used in the demo which appear to separate layers. With a “mask” you could just create a simple black rectangle as a common device that fills the entire screen, then just mask it to choose the area you would want to use (a horizontal or vertical bar, for example), or as a type of “black-out” cover over another layer if you needed that at a certain size.

In any case, I’d like to suggest the ability to create NOT ONLY rectangular/square masks, but ovals/circles as well? And to make it even better, to create masks of ANY shape, similar to creating a shape in Adobe Illustrator (using bezier curves)??

And to make it even better still, the ability to create COMPLEX shapes (masks). I created a slide show a long time ago using iMovie (I think it was), and I had a background photo appear to be imbedded in some title text (the font was extremely large and blocky, and the image appeared ONLY “inside” the text characters, which were being used as masks). Since the characters were “grouped” and they were complex, the image appeared inside the characters “A” and “O” and “P” (etc.) with the little inside sections of those characters letting the background of the slide show through, and the image itself only appeared within the character outlines.

It might be complicated to implement in FM4, but again it would be another creative step in keeping this app one of the best at what it does.

Thanks for the feature request! I put it on our list!