Markers and times in the timeline view FM 6.0.b28

Markers and times in the timeline view FM 6.0.b28

How do I turn on the markers and times in the timeline view (above)?

Audio markers is one of the features I don’t use and I didn’t test it. But YOU’RE RIGHT. In FM 5 if you add an Audio Marker it shows up on the Timeline even if the track is not selected.

But in 6.0b28 if you add an Audio Marker (right clicking the track and "Add"ing a marker) it doesn’t show up. If you use the Assistant to add a marker, it will show only if the track is selected (hi-lited) in the Timeline, but not when it is de-selected.

Again, did you report this? It’s possible this has been fixed in the next beta release.

Peter was pushing out updates only a week or so apart, but there hasn’t been a new update for almost a month, so either he’s been working furiously trying to incorporate all of our bug discoveries and feature requests (within reason), or he’s washed his hands of the whole thing and walked away (just kidding, Peter!). I believe Boinx wanted to be able to release version 6.x by this summer, and we’re pretty much there now. So I (probably along with others) have been waiting for the latest beta release to see how all those changes/fixes have been going. Personally, my wife and I have been wanting to create a single slideshow which includes our trips to Alaska, Kenya, India, Svalbard, and China (emphasizing the wildlife that we spotted), and FM 6.x has a whole bunch of new features that we want to use – but until the app is ready for regular use, I’ve been holding back working on it.

Hello stanastic,

I also reported the problem as an error. It is noticeable that for the error messages 6.0.b21 is the latest fix release to be entered.

I or we hope that the further development to fm6 doesn’t stop.