I can’t seem to access
Is this a problem at my side or is this a global problem?
Accessing the site results in the error below

That’s odd. I just looked at your link and wondered why it ended in “” and not the complete word “fotomagico” (without the “.”), but when I actually clicked on the link in your post, my browser went right to the manual. It might be something on your end :frowning:

Thanks for checking!
It now also works here again. I doubt it was a local issue because it happend on three different computers, both in my house and my dads house (and we are using different internet poviders as well)

Anyhow, can/should I mark this ‘issue’ as closed somehow?

Well, if it’s an issue you sent to Boinx support asking for help, then you might want to let them know. I don’t know how to “close” a thread on this forum, but once people see it and read it, they’ll probably move on.

Glad you got it working again…

@MarcVanDaele90 Thank you for reporting this. It has been fixed as you have discovered yourself. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. But now at least we know that people read the manual! :slight_smile:

@stantastic Thanks for jumping in to help!