Making Storyboard images bigger

I have the newest 27" iMac. When using FotoMagico, the storyboard images are very small. That makes reorganizing them a real challenge for my aged eyes. Is there any way of making the pics larger? I’d vote for smaller pictures in the stage to free up space at the bottom of the screen for larger thumbnails.

Currently FotoMagico can’t increase the size of the thumbnails in the storyboard. However, as a workaround you may change your screen resolution of your iMac while working with FotoMagico (System Preferences > Displays > Resolution Scaled). Also there is a way to temporarily zoom into the screen with the mouse in order to magnify any portion of the screen. You can set this up in System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom. Would that work for you?

Achim, I just saw your response, and so tried your suggestions. They don’t quite work for me. But thanks for the suggestion.