making a DVD from a slideshow - an open question...

I want to export a slideshow to burn to disc as a DVD (so it can be played on TV/DVD player).

I exported using ‘export as DVD’ - but I got a DVD file that was 40Gb !! to large to fit on a DVD - so I didn’t even try to burn the DVD.

I then exported it as QuickTime, and then converted this to DVD using
Wondershare DVD Creator - which worked ok…

Is there a better way ??

@louisc Thank you for using FotoMagico.

Converting the FotoMagico Export for use on a Video DVD using a DVD burning app is necessary because we can’t directly export to the MPEG-2 format due to licensing issues.

You should be able to use the 40GB file as a source for Wondershare, however.

Unfortunately, that is the best way to make a Video DVD from a FotoMagico slide show since Apple ended support for iDVD.

Foto Magico is cool. I’ll get the Pro version soon - but 4 works great.

What difference will the viewer see between the DVD thats burned from the FotoMagico DVD file compared to the one that’s converted from Quicktime ?