MAJOR BUG!! Images with borders AND masks...

There was a discussion titled “b56 vs b55” but it doesn’t hint at what the problem is.

Using the latest FM 5.0b57, if an image has a border applied to it, and ALSO a mask, the border pretty much takes on a life of its own!!! I experimented a bit. I applied a rectangular mask to an image with a border – the border went from all four sides to only two horizontal stripes located within the image (inset top and bottom by some amount). The left/right borders disappeared. Moving the mask around makes the “borders” (such as they are) move as well in unexpected ways. I also managed to have a border appear on the top and right only, while the left and bottom disappeared. Applying an oval mask results in similar odd behavior as the mask is moved around. Whatever is happening, it’s not an expected result. Can this be confirmed by Boinx??

I just downloaded b58, and that the problem I mentioned under the caption “b56 vs b55” and described in more detailed by stantistic is still present in b58.

I started a new slideshow ; on the first slide I
was able to draw a border line on an oval mask which was matching the oval border, however on the next slide, trying to implement the same on a rectangle mask, the problem as described above reappeared !!! As indicated I’m on version b58 !

Something is definitely WRONG here!! :-/ I dropped an image, applied an oval mask, and then a large border. When I resized the mask along the edges (up/down/left/right) the border moved with the mask edge. But when I tried to resize the mask from any of the corners, the actual border changed size independently. The result is shown below (the underlying image was shifted, along with the mask). The blue rectangle represents the mask size and location.

Here’s a similar problem with rectangular borders. Yikes!!

Statistic, I confirm the problem as described. I assume they work on it before the commercial release.

I just downloaded b59, the problem remains !

FM 5.0b60 seems to have fixed this bug. Thanks Boinx guys!! :slight_smile:

I confirm, on b60, there is no longer a issue of that nature.