MAJOR Audio Issues Suddenly

So, suddenly today, I am having a really strange issue, which makes doing any videos impossible. When I get into any of my saved programs, my audio starts off fine. BUT, if I play an audio clip of any kind, when that is done, the microphone is off sync by a good 2 seconds (behind the video). Switching to a different mic seems to correct that… unless I play another audio clip, in which case, the same issue occurs. I have tried this even with the iMac Pros built-in mic, and it still happens.

I have tried closing and re-opening MIMO, I have tried re-starting the computer, and making sure no other programs are open, same issue. I even went back down to 5.10.1 from the latest beta… same issue.

Everything was fine yesterday, and today, it’s just not working correctly.

Well… I figured it out :slight_smile:
There was a bad USB hard drive that was causing the issue. Once I removed it, everything went back to normal

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