Magnetic grids -- options, please?

Having finally added magnetic grids to FM after all this time – a suggestion I made years ago :wink: – I started playing around with them and thought about some options I think would be beneficial:

  1. THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE GRID (and maybe even the width, although less important if the color could be changed). I tend to work in FM in Dark Mode and the new magnetic grids are thin and red. They don’t even stand out very well on a large monitor (then again, my eyes are getting old!). I usually don’t use a background and let it default to black, so at least they show up, although extremely difficult to see (very thin). If the background color of the stage also happens to be red, the grids disappear on screen completely. (I thought if I used a black background that a magnetic grid line of yellow or sky blue might show up more easily – but there’s no ability right now to change that).

  2. THE ABILITY TO ADD GRID LINES BY DRAGGING WITH THE MOUSE (along with keeping the method currently used by adding the (X, Y) location numerically). Dragging in a grid line from the top or bottom or left or right of the small image representing the stage would make it easier to visually see what’s going on, and once the line is placed, it would be easy to go back into the (X, Y) list on the left and tweak the values if needed.

  3. THE ABILITY TO REMOVE A GRID LINE BY CLICKING ON IT VISUALLY IN THE SMALL IMAGE TO THE RIGHT. Rather than having to search in the list for the correct grid line, it might be easier to just visually selecting it with the mouse and clicking delete.

Thanks for considering :slight_smile: