Magewell 11090 Mimolive and Sonoma

I has been having a lot of Blackmagic capture devices troubles. Flickering mostly
Some of those has been addressed by Boinx team, but others definitely are from Blackmagic side, with zero support and intentions to solve it.

I was looking for an alternative device and I found Magewell 11090.

1.- Did someone of you guys have experience with this device and Mimolive?
2.- Sadly, looking for a flickering problem solution, I’m in Sonoma now, and I don’t know how to roll back to Monterey. The Magewell support says there are not Sonoma driver yet, but someone of you had tried Magewell devices and Sonoma with old drivers?

Best regards

I am considering a Magewell SDI Capture card as well, but all my laptops are running Sonoma.

Magewell says February 2024 for an update, but that is too close to chance for my needs.

Are there still issues with BMD cards and Mimo?

I think this is not about BM-ML issue… It is an overall BM driver issue.
The random flicker happens with all softwares…