macOS Monterey the closes program

    Hi mimolive does not work with macOS Monterey the program closes when executing egards

It’s highly recommended to use it on Catalina. But if there are any crash reports, please submit them to Boinx: Crash Reports - mimoLive - 5 - I think this will be the best.

Hi @rockjote I’m sorry for the troubles you experience. 5.11 and 6.0beta should work on Monterey. We recommend to use 6.0b5 on Monterey.

Please check if you find any Crash Reports and send them to me via Direct Message here in the forum.

the problem is when I use the mimocall

We had the same issue on our setup with an Intel Mac upgraded to Monterey - we used CleanMyMac to uninstall the program fully and then re-installed MimoLive 6.0b5. Same issue crashing when trying to connect to MimiCall.
Don’t have the issue on an M1 Mac on Monterey on 6.0b5 …

Captura de Pantalla 2021-11-19 a la(s) 10.43.31

hello I did the same but it didn’t work it keeps closing

I just bought an M1 Mac mini (8GB RAM 500 GB SSD)

My question is should I stick to Monetary or go back to Big Sur? Someone above said Catelina is more stable, but being an M1 Mac, Big Sur is the earliest I can use on this mini.

I have a live streaming event where I’m using a remote iPhone on the other side of Australia as a mimoCall for sound and vision of a meeting and want to mix and then send via virtual camera to Zoom. (or if that doesn’t work stream to YouTube and if possible both). I want stable because I’ve had issues with mimoCall in the past, especially using WiFi connection which we cannot avoid at the iPhone end (it’s very fast >50 Mbps upload and 100 Mbps download).

I need to decide if I should migrate from my Time Machine from the last Mac mini I owned (sent it back) which was Big Sur I think, or Catelina maybe. The Mac mini has Monetary on it ATM, but I’d need to install all my apps and helper stuff like cloud services.

I can’t restore from the time machine saves from an old mini I owned, macOS is telling me I need to use Migration Assistant. I suspect this is because it’s from a previous macOS but maybe because it was an intel Mac mini (I’m not sure because I’ve owned Intel mini and M1 mini).

@rockjote Thanks for posting the video. We need the output of the crash report window that you’re closing halfway through, please. You can post it here or send it to me via DM.

@richard Please find the crash reports and send them to me via DM here.

@usefulDesign There is no reason not to use Monterey. It is the better Big Sur.

Going back to Catalina is not possible on an M1 as the M1 only supports Big Sur and newer.

The mimoCall issue on the other end of the world with their Wifi probably isn’t related to the OS you run on your computer. The mimoCall crash issue should not exist in 6.0b5. If the app crashes, please send us the crash reports.

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Thanks @Oliver! mimoLive v5.x or the v6.0b5 beta for safety sake?

mimoLive 5.x is not M1 native and performs very badly. 6.0b5 is M1 native.

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Unfortunately I couldn’t get audio out and into Zoom. Had to use the zoom app for sound and camera, and mimoLive just for slides. I’ve bumped into this issue before. I have no idea what causes it. The audio levels are in the VU meters but I can’t monitor it or set an Audio Device in the Audio Monitor tab. And I can’t see mimoLive audio from the Virtual Camera or anything else in Zoom, I can only see the video image signal, not audio.

I have the same problem. I have not on beta Monterey. Since Monterey Prod version Mimolive crash when i use MIMOCALL too. For the moment no solution. Only one off my M1 works with mimocall under BIG SUR :frowning:
I use ZOOMISOn - - for the moment, waiting a solution …

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thanks for the link @olivier.kkoweb. I didn’t know that my signal was in 360P and even with a pro level account we don’t get 720P without asking Zoom Support.