macOS Mojave support schedule?

Hi there,
Happy users of mimoLive for many years now. Is there any schedule or plan for release of a beta for macOS Mojave? We are going to be partitioning the drive on our Mac and preparing to upgrade when stability is reached and mimoLive fully supports Mojave.


@nhubbard Thanks for using mimoLive, I’m glad to hear that you like it.

I’m running mimoLive on Mojave for a while now and haven’t found any specific show stoppers. There are a few readability issues in the UI but we don’t know of any crashing problems.

That said, it is always possible that we missed something and it’s always a good idea to be able to go to a High Sierra backup at least until macOS X 10.14.2 or so.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” Sounds good! Any new features you plan to take advantage of with Mojave?