MacBook Pro M1max 64 gigs - how it performs

WOW! that’s extraordinary. You have a reputation Johannes for knowing how to ouch mimoLive to its limits. It would be great to know more about this and why you think the Apple Silicon is failing.


  1. mimoLive is currently not optimized for pro/max-architecture.
  2. max/pro are optimized to process h264/h265 (like afterburner), but this is - as I know - for postprocessing. (and with max/pro, also for input-processing of proRes.)
  3. I don’t know anything about BMD-input-formats, so maybe these are hard to handle. Maybe it’s caused by the BMD drivers - v12.2
  4. Filter on Filter seems way to heavy.
  5. Sonnet chassis (TB3) - bottleneck? (But this I already used before without any troubles.)
  6. … no further idea currently.

Everything is currently maxed out: GPU/CPU. But the result is “jerky”. Source Performance Monitor is “just” red and yellow.


this is disconcerting. maybe this is the Pro/Max architecture needing to be adapted for in mimoLive. many video related apps are screaming fast on Pro/Max M1 MBPs according to reviews. i’m guessing ML needs an update to optimise on this architecture. maybe QC is not well catered for in Monterey too.

Good news,
yesterday, I downloaded 12.2 (Desktop Video Drivers) - Some moments later, it seems to be that these drivers had been updated by BMD. 12.2.1 - Now it works way better! It seems to be that I can run my former document pretty good on mbM1max. 5x 1080p in, 1x 1080p out + Streaming, + two recordings, including two keyers, and a TON of overlays. I noticed that when GUI is minimized, I have way more performance free/left/available. That’s a great exploration.

Some audio-inputs I have to add again (virtual ones, blackhole), then I’m ready to show it live. It’s the already known dockument, and yes: it’s impressive to have it on a laptop.


Delighted to hear this Johannes. I was getting worried there for a while.

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Me too! :joy::joy::sweat_smile: I’m glad that it wasn’t a terrible investment. Btw, Apple redefined what heat is: I never used a Laptop running that hot (after 90 minutes) with such a great performance. And it will be the slowest of its kind.

BUT: With mimoLive you have to set the framerate from ProMotion to 60/50 or any other project related framerate. ProMotion is fine, but placing a decision, which fps should be used, costs the OS time and works against performance while live rendering. I wish I could set the display to my exact used fps. Maybe someday there is an app for… maybe a mimoLive-ProMotion-Setter?

Here a demo, to see how it performs:

See video description for details:

m1max vs. iMac?

Hi @JoPhi, I’ve stumbled upon this topic as I’m currently considering purchasing a new Macbook Pro, however find it difficult to choose between the M1 Pro and the Max. I’ve talked about it before in another topic also with @Oliver_Boinx, but the native M1 support for MimoLive is still in development, which makes it difficult to make a decision already.

What are your findings so far? Please note that we only use MimoLive to generate SDI playout (key + fill), and don’t stream or record with it. We do however like to use loads and loads of layers :wink:


Currently, I do lots of tests with Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2, Ultrastudio 3G (Recorder and Monitor), also Decklink HDMI Quad Recorder.

Yes, it’s in Beta. Beta 5 is more stable than 6. Two Sonnet boxes are a bit too much (but it shouldn’t. :slight_smile:

This week I’ll do some tests with Decklinlk Quad 2 only.

It seems to be that the DeckLink drivers are still not enough optimized for M1pro/max. Also macOS Monterey 's display-app has some issues. Sometimes I see black images, which is very disappointing. So far I do not have huge troubles, but you should avoid the screen recording source at the moment. :slight_smile:

Soon, I’ll publish a way that shows how to seperate content from design and layout, which may reduce the total amount of layers in your documents.

Stay tuned,
you’re welcome!


My tests with hard template:

  • 4k camera + usb card 4k30 or BMD ultrasudio 1080p30
  • windows capture of zoom guests
  • follow layers with auto face detect with 4 guests (very hard for cpu)
  • streams to fb + rtmp 1080p30
  • titles with prores 4444 with alphchannel background mov
    = ± 40-60 layers variants

A) Tests on macbook pro intel i7 2017 max RAM = lags and red lines in render performance monitors

B) Tests on mac mini M1 2020 max Ram = some lags and yellow lines in render performance monitors

C) Tests on macbook pro M1MAX 14 RAM Max 202 = no lags and 1 yellow line in follow layer in render performance monitors

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Running a Macbook M1 MAX with v.6 beta software. So far, performance thru a BMD Ultrastudio is great. I’ll be taxing the system more as I become more comfortable. :slight_smile:

Did you test the last beta?

@JoPhi did you test b8?

Thanks everyone for reporting your findings.

Please check out mimoLive 6.0b8 which has some improvements for the M1 Max:

Yes, constantly. Still have some black images while different in-framerates (during/in combination with a pro keyer filter - after some time of streaming/recording on MacOS 12.1). And some layers show black images after reconfiguring BMD-sources Desktop Video 12.2.2. But, most of the sources work as intended now. And the black-layer-bug can be workarounded by saving, closing, reopening.

It seems to be that the layer-does-not-show-content-except-next-to-the-video-selector-bug is described here: Monterey 12.2 - video in Mimo no longer working!

I think it was introduced in 6b6. (And on Monterey 12.2) any Video is dead. Currently I check the intel-Chip-Set, I’ll post an update later.)

Edit: My intel-device is not affected. M1-macBookAir and M1-macBookPro-13 inch are also not affected.

No issues in 6.0b8 but note that I do not use Mimo Call. I use MimoLive as a character generator thru a BMD.

Monterrey 12.2 with a 64GB M1 MAX (just 64GB model) broke something with MimoLive … just posting this here so those who see 64GB in the thread title will know what is going on.

The Boinx team is on it!

Yes, we know this. You replied 11 days after the last reaction and Oliver posted before 5 days the latest news (you linked). Here what I found out. Only on the 64-gig-model, macOS throws an error: Failed to render 250000 pixels because a CIKernel's ROI function did not allow tiling.

Sometimes, on other M1-devices, I can see a similar effect, but after saving and reopening, everything is back again. In that case, the error message is different.

Thanks … I just figured out how to “Watch” a topic to be more timely. Keep up the good work! Learning a lot.