MacBook Pro M1max 64 gigs - how it performs

Hey guys and gals,
as promised, I’ll do a huge test around the MacBook Pro M1max 64 gigs, based on the current 6.0b5, and how it performs. So, I need your document(s), you want to know how/if they perform. :smiley:

Please submit me a download link to your document(s) as a private message in this forum.

  • Please use Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer
  • Please do not use “save as”, please do not submit the original. Please do a duplicate in finder first.
  • Please remove streaming keys (and or other passwords), but not the output destination itself!
  • If I should blur out something which is produced by your PGM out, please give a beep!

Please keep in mind, that I’m not able to perform NDI-Only-tests, where everything is based on NDI. But one NDI input is possible. Please keep in mind, that I’m not able to perform PTZ-Camera-Tests, where everything is based on PTZ-Cameras. Unfortunately I have no PTZ-Cameras for tests available.

  • If your document includes inputs from/destinations to an external audio-interface, I’ll replace it to other real hardware.
  • If your document includes virtual audio devices (like LoopBack), I’ll replace it with BlackHole.
  • If your document is based on multiple documents (tabs), please add a flow-chart.
  • If your document includes inputs from video capture cards and/or outputs to BMD over SDI, I’ll replace them with DeckLink Quad 2 (in a Sonnet chassis), or UltraStudioMini-Recorder 3G/-Monitor 3G, or HDMI Quad Capture Card (also in a Sonnet chassis).
  • If you use studio cams, all will be replaced by several BMPCC (over HDMI), BMPCC4K (over HDMI) or BMD Ursa (over SDI), except of URSA, all are “just” HD.
  • If you use green screen, it will be replaced by blue screen.

Based on your files, I also want to create a new Benchmark test, which should be able to predict hardware needs. Hope, it works.


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Hi Johannes, thank you for offering to test our projects.

I was thinking perhaps a more balanced approach would be to build a series of documents, each one more complicated than the last.

Then specify stats on each document.

Post the documents online. And get people to test their systems with the documents. Submitting the results and specs of their system to a central spreadsheet. Then we would get a better idea of the limitations of each configuration.

Some of the specifics would need to be figured out but I’m sure there are enough people here to help.

At first, wonderful idea.
Finally: My current document which runs on a 1500 Euro hackintosh cannot be handled by mbProM1max64gigs. This can have several reasons. I feel that I bought Apple silly-con. It has more troubles, than on the old macPro2013. Apple Silicon is optimized to do special things. For all other tasks, it’s realy slow. I consider sending it back on Tuesday.

WOW! that’s extraordinary. You have a reputation Johannes for knowing how to ouch mimoLive to its limits. It would be great to know more about this and why you think the Apple Silicon is failing.


  1. mimoLive is currently not optimized for pro/max-architecture.
  2. max/pro are optimized to process h264/h265 (like afterburner), but this is - as I know - for postprocessing. (and with max/pro, also for input-processing of proRes.)
  3. I don’t know anything about BMD-input-formats, so maybe these are hard to handle. Maybe it’s caused by the BMD drivers - v12.2
  4. Filter on Filter seems way to heavy.
  5. Sonnet chassis (TB3) - bottleneck? (But this I already used before without any troubles.)
  6. … no further idea currently.

Everything is currently maxed out: GPU/CPU. But the result is “jerky”. Source Performance Monitor is “just” red and yellow.


this is disconcerting. maybe this is the Pro/Max architecture needing to be adapted for in mimoLive. many video related apps are screaming fast on Pro/Max M1 MBPs according to reviews. i’m guessing ML needs an update to optimise on this architecture. maybe QC is not well catered for in Monterey too.

Good news,
yesterday, I downloaded 12.2 (Desktop Video Drivers) - Some moments later, it seems to be that these drivers had been updated by BMD. 12.2.1 - Now it works way better! It seems to be that I can run my former document pretty good on mbM1max. 5x 1080p in, 1x 1080p out + Streaming, + two recordings, including two keyers, and a TON of overlays. I noticed that when GUI is minimized, I have way more performance free/left/available. That’s a great exploration.

Some audio-inputs I have to add again (virtual ones, blackhole), then I’m ready to show it live. It’s the already known dockument, and yes: it’s impressive to have it on a laptop.


Delighted to hear this Johannes. I was getting worried there for a while.

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Me too! :joy::joy::sweat_smile: I’m glad that it wasn’t a terrible investment. Btw, Apple redefined what heat is: I never used a Laptop running that hot (after 90 minutes) with such a great performance. And it will be the slowest of its kind.

BUT: With mimoLive you have to set the framerate from ProMotion to 60/50 or any other project related framerate. ProMotion is fine, but placing a decision, which fps should be used, costs the OS time and works against performance while live rendering. I wish I could set the display to my exact used fps. Maybe someday there is an app for… maybe a mimoLive-ProMotion-Setter?

Here a demo, to see how it performs:

See video description for details:

m1max vs. iMac?