Mac mini configuration

Is anyone using the new Mac Mini with MimoLive? What has your experience been. If yes how have you had it configured please?

I do not get the clue to your post. It’s currently not really recommended to use mimoLive on M1-Macs. The first native BETA should come mid this year.

Ok to b clear, I have to upgrade my computer now. Do I buy a current Intel model pretty much off the shelf, or order something with an M1 chip?

Well, looking at the previous comment from @JoPhi I think you find your answer there already :wink:

And maybe this thread will give you some answers:

For testing and some quick templates (later usage), I use my M1macBookPro16GB, but I wouldn’t use it for real productions yet. Too complex documents and Rosetta2 do not really like each one another.

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Amazing, you made my day.

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Many thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.