M1 Max and Monterey issues

I fell into the issue when updating my laptop to MacOS 12.2 (M1 Max 32GB).

After reading the support post, I was able to backup, wipe, and re-install OS 12.1.

The trouble is that the beta 608 still does not work displaying video from my Decklink Duo.

The only way I can get this to work is using 5.11 under rosetta.

Is this what others are experiencing?

Basically, yes. I have similar issues with DL Quad 2 and DL HDMI Quad Capture. But it was claimed that only 64gig-models are affected. (It always was, especially with random black images in previous versions than 12.2) - So now there are also issues with the 32-gig-model?

And… When I reconfigured the DL-Ins in mimoLive, I had to save and re-open the document to see the content of the live capturing. Basically the same problem as with 12.2 and 12.3, but it was only temporary.

So is the issue with BMD desktop video or is this something with ML and 12.2?

After reverting to OS 12.1 I still have no use of DL card.

I can just guess/riddle/assume. Next week, some tests around BMD Media Express and Final Cut are on my list.

This really puts me in a tight spot. Have a big 3 week show starting next week.

I may try and pickup a fresh machine that hopefully doesn’t have 12.2

Honestly. I’d not use M1-max for pro productions, until there is a release version of mimoLive. (Even not on Monterey 12.0.1) With MacBook Air (M1) I have promising results, also with MacBookProM1-13 inch. But even with these, I just do experiments.

I finished my tests. I can exclude BMD drivers as an issue. (At least for Decklink Quad 2, HDMI Quad Recorder, UltraStudio 3G TB3-mini-Recorder and UltraStudio 3G TB3-mini-Monitor.) - I tested some 3rd party tools. (Native, also Rosetta 2). No issues at all, except the–in comparison–lame performance we know from other apps.

It seems to be that the problem is caused by a very specific situation, which uncovered a bug in macOS (more concrete at the so called METAL framework). The bug is exlusivly related to M1-max SoCs (mainly the 64-gb-model), and was firstly introduced in macOS 12.2. - However, there were some instabilities related to this bug in earlier versions of macOS Monterey, and with version 12.2 it bricked completely. Now it seems to be that finally Apple has to solve the bug in Metal.

I’m sure that there could be a way to workaround this bug anyhow. But certainly on what cost? I assume it would be on the cost of loosing the outstanding performance that makes mimoLive so unique and on which I’m so keen on. There is still lots of riddle and guesses in my post, but now I think to understand the whole situation much better.

Apple should solve this bug–in their own interest–as soon as possible. At their upcoming event in March, new hardware might be introduced, which will never be (officially) compatible with a macOS version earlier than the soon published 12.3.

Hi Art, get an external Thunderbolt 3 SSD and make a clean install of 12.1 there: Installing macOS Monterey on an external drive - mimoLive - 5

I did this. For me it’s not stable enough to do a pro production. Randomly black images, as reported. (64-gb-model).

So I went out and found the only available MacBook Pro I could walk with. 16" 16GB Pro with 12.0.1

I installed mimo 6B08 and BMD desktop video 12.2.2

Decklink card does preview but not output with Mimo 6B8

Decklink card does work in 5.11 under Rosetta (on both Pro and Max laptops)

BMD media express does see the inputs as well as universal app.

How much performance hit will this take running 5.11 under Rosetta?

In my experiences: about -60% - BUT:
It should work, that you save and reopen the document. By reconfiguring the sources while live, this phenomenon appears.

Try to configure the BMD-ins, save the document and reopen it. It should be fine afterwards.

It is interesting that the issue seems to be related to OS12 in general, not specifically 12.2

My 12.1 machine does not work nor the 12.0.1 laptop just purchased.

As reported by @JoPhi, Mac OS 12.3Beta4 has fixed my issue with DeckLink video.


Good to know! Happy to hear it.

Yes, it has. We’re discussing everything about this here: Monterey 12.2 - video in Mimo no longer working! (M1 Max 64GB only!) - #39 by JoPhi